Hola amigos (For the non Spanish speakers, there’s a translation of this paragraph right after it.) Quería poner parte de este blog en español porque durante la duración de mis aventuras he hablado más en español que en inglés. Creo que las cosas que estoy aprendiendo en mi clase son importantes, pero esta experiencia me … More Tapas!


Hola! Hoy es sabado (today is Saturday)! Earlier this week I went with my program group to a nautical club outside of Alicante where we went sailing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding. I really like paddle boarding back home, but doing it in the Mediterranean was awesome! The water was very clear are the … More 75%


I can’t believe I have been here for 2 weeks! Part of me feels like I’ve been here much longer than that while another part of me feels like I just arrived yesterday. I had a midterm exam yesterday (I think it went well!) and that made me realize that I’m already half way done … More Halfway!

Start of Week 2

Hola! Mondays are just as difficult in Spain as they are back in the states. Getting out of bed for class this morning was nearly impossible. Only two more Mondays of waking up for class here. That makes me sad. I’m nowhere near ready to leave this place and am going to make the most … More Start of Week 2